Why Study Physics?

With the wide variety of possible college majors and minors, why should you study physics?
Physics is interesting!
Physics helps you comprehend how the world around you works. Physics helps us organize the universe, deal with the fundamentals of life, and understand the connections between seemingly different phenomena. Physics also gives us powerful tools that allow us to express our creativity, see the world in new ways, and discover how to change it.
Physics is useful!
Physics provides the analytical and quantitative skills needed for problem solving and data analysis within science, engineering, and medical fields. These skills can also be useful in economics, public policy, law, management, and finance industries. Did you know manufacturing is dominated by physics-based technology? Physics plays a crucial role in the development of most modern technology and instruments used in scientific, engineering, and medical research.
Choosing a degree in physics will prepare you for graduate studies not just in physics, but in all engineering and information/computer science disciplines. Physics courses can also be a stepping stone for many other disciplines that include life science majors such as molecular biology, neurobiology, or genetics; Earth, ocean, or atmospheric sciences; economics, finance, public policy, and journalism.
Physics can open the door to various career options!
Becoming a physics major opens the door to an endless world of possibilities, more than almost any other college major. Without a degree in physics, you can’t be a doctor or engineer; teaching jobs will be harder to come by; video game designs will be boring; animated movies won’t look realistic; and policies about global warming will be far less compelling. College and corporate recruiters recognize the value of physics training because physics encourages analytical, quantitative, and “big picture” thinking. Physicists are more likely to end up in top policy and management positions than any other technical professionals.
Physics is challenging!
Don’t let the challenge scare you. Physics is much harder to learn after college than any other subject. Everyone finds college physics courses challenging but that is the reason why you should be studying physics! Physics requires you to master many concepts and skills that make training in physics so valuable in the various career opportunities.

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