During your college experience, the choices you make will set the trajectory for your journey through life. The decisions you make as an undergraduate will help mold what you will do in life and the type of person you will become.
Getting a degree in physics can open the door to a career in several different areas including: science, technology, engineering, medicine, finance, journalism, and public policy. Undergraduate physics degrees can also be a great way to prepare for graduate or professional studies. Arizona State University’s Department of Physics offers a wide variety of programs and courses to match your interests.
Physics teachers, especially those teaching at the high school level, play a significant role in helping young people learn and explore physics. Physics teachers also help push students to gain the confidence and skills needed to pursue further study and physics related careers.
Currently, the United States faces a critical shortage of qualified physics and physical science teachers. The lack of proficient teachers is reducing the amount of opportunities that are presented to our youth and is affecting our economy in a growing technological age.
The PhysTEC program at Arizona State University is intended to help undergraduate and graduate students discover the rewards and challenges of teaching physics. It also aims to show students how physics may fit into their future schooling and career plans

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