Our PhysTEC teacher preparation addresses three main areas of training:

  • Undergraduate and graduate education
  • Certification for new teachers
  • Graduate education, including out-of-field teachers

Undergraduate Education
At the undergraduate level, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College (MLFTC) offers physics teaching in one of several BA in Education (B.A.E.) science and math teacher preparation program. In 2009, a dual degree program, which adds a BS degree in physics to the B.A.E., was created.
Out-of-Field Teachers
In 2001, the physics department developed a Master of Natural Science (MNS) program to enable in service teachers to obtain a graduate degree in physics teaching. Some teachers who elect to take these courses are already highly qualified in physics, but most are not. Nearly all teachers who participate in multiple modeling workshops and all who complete the MNS program become highly qualified in physics. The MNS program averages about two dozen teachers, and about five MNS degrees are granted each year.
Professional Development to Enhance Teacher Content Knowledge
In 2009, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Arizona State University (ASU) Innovation through Institutional Integration funding to develop the Modeling Institute at ASU. The institute has created and launched a content-focused Middle School STEM Master of Natural Science (MNS) program to address the shortage of highly qualified science and mathematics teachers at the middle school level. The first cohort of teacher is nearly through their five-semester program and the second cohort has recently begun the program. In addition, the Modeling Institute created STEMnet, a professional development network for secondary STEM educators that brings teachers on the ASU campus three times per year for peer-led workshops and a networking dinner with a high profile speaker on a cutting edge research topic. STEMnet connects the local 7-12 teaching community more tightly with ASU’s vast resources in the STEM disciplines.

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