B.S. (Physics) - Concentration in Secondary Education

With the help and collaboration of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, we are pleased to introduce a new physics degree with a concentration in secondary education. 
The goal of this new degree opportunity is to provide an efficient and attractive path to a career in high school physics teaching in order to increase the quality and quantity of new physics teachers to address the critical local, state, and national needs. 
The B.S. in Physics with a Concentration in Secondary Education provides rigorous training in physics and in education.  Students who graduate from this program will be fully prepared to take on a graduate degree in Physics and will also be recommended by the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College for certification by the State of Arizona.
Students pursuing this degree will:

  • acquire a working understanding of the conservation laws of physics, energy, momentum, and angular momentum.
  • develop a deep understanding of the thermodynamic and statistical forces that govern motion of complex systems.
  • become proficient in the application of the scientific method for exploring hypotheses.
  • practice creating and managing inclusion techniques within secondary education classrooms.
  • have experience in a K-12 classroom to gain a realistic understanding of the nature of science teaching.


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