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ASU Physics Teacher Pipeline Project: A Comprehensive PhysTEC Site

The  “Physics Teacher Pipeline Project” is a Comprehensive PhysTEC Site to deeply improve quality, quantity, and retention of new physics teachers graduating at Arizona State University. The Physics Teachers Education Coalition (PhysTEC) is a national initiative jointly operated by the American Physical Society (APS) and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). PhysTEC's primary mission is to increase the quantity and quality of new physics teachers.

This comprehensive three-pronged program consists of:

  1. Recruit promising candidates
  2. Prepare highly qualified physics teachers,
  3. Support graduates in their early career by continued mentoring.

Recruitment targets prospective teachers at three levels:

  • High schools,
  • ASU, especially introductory courses
  • Local community colleges

Pre-service teacher candidates in ASU’s program will engage early on in classroom teaching experiences, and choose among several degree paths leading to certification.

A competitive undergraduate scholar Learning Assistant (LA) program will mentor and train promising students in high quality, outcome proven teaching methods by immersion of undergraduates in tutoring, laboratory, and classroom settings.

PhysTEC at ASU!

   ASU is ideally situated in a highly engaged physics education community.  The surrounding school districts are very interested in creating programs to mentor prospective students.  ASU has pioneered innovative programs at the national level, such as Modeling Instruction,  and the proven experience, material support, and track record of its faculty and academic leadership in improving physics education.
   A key component of this program is to ensure the continuity of best practice, we plan to do this through the direct involvement of our Teacher-in-Residence (TIR).  The TIR has a vital role in this program, given that he/she has come out of high school teaching to help mentor students who wish to go on to teach physics at the k-12 level.  Not only will the TIR be responsible for mentoring prospective teachers, but the TIR will maintain a relationship with newly graduated teachers, to help ensure their success and the success of the program.  The connections of the TIR will help to build a relationship between the local school districts, our University, and the ASU Department of Physics.  This connectivity will feature a Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of a handful of local experienced high school physics teachers.  They will meet multiple times throughout the year to share ideas and to discuss the best ways to improve, update, monitor and maintain recruitment, education, mentoring, and retention of early career teachers. 



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