ASU Physics Teachers Education Coalition

PhysTEC Project Goals:

Goal 1: Transform physics departments to engage in preparing physics teachers

Goal 2: Demonstrate successful models for increasing the number of highly-qualified physics teachers

Goal 3: Spread best-practice ideas throughout the physics teacher preparation community

We are aiming to foster the spread of qualified Physics teachers through the implementation of our Learning Assistant Program in designated introductory physics classes.  The Learning Assistants actively participate in class lectures and recitation sections to ensure that students have a solid understanding of the material.  This program is designed to not only help the students, but to give the Learning Assistants a chance to practice teaching the material, and hopefully encourage them to seek out a job as a Physics teacher one day.

PhysTEC Recent News

August 13, 2014
Please take a look at our PhysTEC Year Two Annual Report. The annual report details the progress that has been made in our first two years of funding. 
May 12, 2014
With the conclusion of the 2013-2014 academic year comes the conclusion of PhysTEC’s second year of funding. In two years, we have managed to use this grant to yield some astounding advancements within the Department of Physics at ASU. Please read our spring newsletter to learn more.
January 1, 2014
As the fall 2013 semester [third semester of our project] comes to an end, we are extremely excited to announce the milestones that have since been achieved. The Learning Assistant Program, which was implemented as the cornerstone of this project, has achieved great traction within the Physics Department at ASU. This semester, 10 LAs have been actively working with Dr. Gary Adams in his PHY 121 class to provide a new learning environment for the students. Our TIR (Teacher in Residence), Kelli

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ASU Physics Teachers Education Coalition
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